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DREAMLIKE - Boris Hodak

The Art Gallery of Bosnia & Herzegovina


Exhibition prolonged due to massive success!
Exhibition is pronged until 23.12.2012.

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The opening of DREAMLIKE exhibition

(Art Gallery of Bosnia & Herzegovina - Sarajevo, 10. 12. 2012.)


Samostalna izložba/Solo Exhibition

DREAMLIKE Boris Hodak 10.12.2012. 19h UGBiH

The Art Gallery of Bosnia & Herzegovina

(Exhibition: 10.12.-16.12.2012.)

Surrealism, so common elsewhere in the world, is rare in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it is more of an occasional outburst. One of the artists of the mid generation now involved in surrealism is Boris Hodak, whose work corresponds more to the world as a whole than to his own milieu.  This exhibition is a retrospective view of his oeuvre of the past twelve years. As a final conclusion we have impression that the author is staying faithful to his surrealistic expression in total. This expression had a long process of maturing, from metaphysical style to pop surrealism including a slight touch with lowbrow art. 

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ULUBiH Revijalna izložba 2012

ULUBiH Revijalna izložba 2012. Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo 

(23.11. - 6.12.2012.)

Izloženi rad/Exhibited artwork:

The One’s Love Diary (Sam svoj majstor) 
from “The stories about Lingam & Yoni” series, 
photo collage, tempera & oil on paper, 69x49.5 cm, 2001.


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The Riddle Of Temptation
(The Remembrance Of The Delightful Moments) from “Delirious art” series, photo collage, 31.4Hx22W cm, 2001.

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