Fantastic Four Group Exhibition

Fantastic four (OLALA - Portelli, Strbac, Osmic, Hodak) group exhibition
Caffe Bar SCOTCH / ex-ZVONO, Sarajevo - 19.2.2009.

1.Julie Manet and her greyhound Laertes back from the dead (Homage to Berthe Morisot)
acrylic on linoleum tile, 36.8Hx36.8W cm, 2007.
2.Very Heavy Painting (Hansel & Gretel in the House of Wicked Witch)

mixed technique, 37.5Hx34.5W cm, 2005.
 3.The Protecting Mother 
photocollage & oil on paper-varnished, 33.4Hx21W cm, 2001.

 1.Movie Kiss (Gone with the Wind 2) 
acrylic on linoleum tile, 36.8Hx36.8W cm, 2005.
 2.A L’Americaine (Rita’s Dinner)
photocollage & oil on paper-varnished, 34.8Hx23W cm, 2001.

Mladen Strbac


Amandine Portelli

 Emir Osmic